Info for Churches

So your church is sending some of it’s young people to Easter Camp this year?! That’s amazing news! This page is here to help you understand what you need to know about camp, as well as give you a few tools enable and empower you to support your young people before, during, and after camp!

This year we are encouraging all churches with young people attending camp to send along some camp parents/grandparents with their group. As a church, please prayerfully consider who you could send along in this capacity. Click below to find out more

byo camp parents

Surround your youth in prayer
Here are some practical ideas your church can use to pray for the youth who are attending camp:

Make their names visible!
Have a board in your main worship space leading up to camp that has the names of all the people attending from your church. Ask your church to be praying for them in the lead up to camp. Every time a young person signs up to camp, add their name to the list.

Write their names in your weekly bulletin/newsletter.
You could even write up a little bio on each of the young people and pop a different one in each week.

Pray for them by name in your prayers for others/prayer of intercession each week.
Create something that church members can take home and pop on their fridge. This could have the names and photos of the youth attending camp, or some specific prayer requests for camp. Get creative!

The week before camp, get the youth (and leaders) up in front of church and pray for them.
Make a big deal about this and send them off with a blessing from your church. Get Elders and parents up to pray over them.

Don’t forget to keep praying for them over Easter weekend!

Presbytery Central will be invoicing your church for the camp costs of the leaders and campers coming along to camp. Please make sure you give out payment details to your Key Leader so they can be passed on to the youth who are registering. Make sure your Church Treasurer knows about this information!

Find out more here:
Camp Payment Information

Help with camp costs
While we do our best to get funding to help bring the costs of camp down, it can sometimes still be a bit too much for some families.

Here’s a few ideas to help get your youth and the leaders to camp this year:

Pay it forward
Ask for donations from your church members to go towards sending youth to camp.

Put it in the budget
Some of our churches will actually allocate money in their yearly budget to subsidise their youth attending Easter Camp. When camp comes around, you can either divide the money up between the people attending, or put it towards covering those most in need.

Subsidise your leaders!
Your leaders who attend camp are giving up their time and a lovely long weekend (sometimes even work!) to be their for your young people. Consider subsiding their fees to show a little appreciation.

There are so many creative ways to fundraise for events like this! Start early and get the youth involved!

Click below to find some downloadable resources you can use with your church.

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