BYO Camp Parents

This year we want to encourage your church to send along some adults who can walk alongside your young people at camp and afterwards too. Consider asking some faithful adults from your church to come along as your youth groups own personal ‘camp parents’ or ‘camp grandparents’

Need a reason? Keep reading to see why we think this is important!

Genuine friendships with adults in your church help to connect your young people into your church.
We believe that it is so important for young people to have a meaningful sense of belonging and connection not only to the youth groups they attend, but also to our churches. Which is why we are being more intentional about making Easter Camp 2024 much more inter-generational. We see this as a great opportunity to begin to equip and empower our churches to foster these powerful relationships.

Studies show that young people need around 5 Adults in their lives, not including their parents to positively invest into them as they grow up.
We see Easter Camp as a great opportunity to begin to create some space for inter-generational relationships to be formed and nurtured, as well as begin to foster more of a discipling culture within our Presbyterian churches. Too often young people are transitioning out of our youth groups without transitioning back into our churches as adults. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Research tells us that young people greatly benefit when they have five adults intentionally investing in their lives. That means our churches are in a great position to gather around our young people, disciple them and invest in their lives as they grow and develop and explore their faith in God

It proves to youth that adults care and are willing to give up their time to be there for them.
There is a sad myth that young people only want to hang out with other young people. In reality, people of older generations have so much to offer our young people. Saying you care about the young people in your church is one thing. Showing up for your young people is a completely different story and is so much more meaningful.

Camps are sure fire ways to form and deepen relationships FAST!
Invite some camp parents to come along so that they can form relationships that will continue on throughout the year.
We would love it if you would prayerfully consider which adults in your congregation you could invite. Perhaps your Minister, an Elder or some parents who could walk along slide your young people.
Download these reasons to use in your church