We are so blessed to have some amazing people running our electives this year! (subject to change)

Music Elective (Two Days) meeting in Chapel led by Ainsleigh Fitch and Grace Webster
Have you got what it takes to be a star? Come to the Music Elective for some fun music video creations!

Film Elective: “Ready. Set. Action!” (Can come to just one day or both days)
meeting in Top Flat first led by Nicole Ashton and Felipe George Two teams will go head-to-head to take short 5 second clip videos around the campsite. Each team will have a list of different shots they need to catch on camera. There will be category prizes for the most technically striking, wacky, and wild shots. Bonus! You will get to pay the other electives a visit. But best of all Your snaps may even make their way into the highlight video screened on the final day at camp!

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.
(Saturday only) meeting in Prayer Room led by Caleb Dominikovich
The Mark 6:31 Elective is an opportunity to find spiritual rest in a quiet place just as Jesus invited his followers to do.  This elective will lean into practises like Scripture reading, prayer, music, reflection,
and learning from other Christians to simply enjoy the presence of the Triune God. There won’t necessarily be teaching, training, and discussion in this elective, but there will be many resources to help you drink deeply at the well of the presence of God!

Arts and Craft Elective (To do Macrame you will need to come both Saturday and Sunday, to do other art you can choose Sat or Sun or both) meeting in dining room led by Emma Ward and Ella Tennent
The Arts and Craft elective has 15 spots to make macrame rope art, and will also have a quiet space for colouring and drawing. 

Sport Elective:  (Can come to just one day or both days) meeting on Field or Gym led by Knox Leadership.
Love being active and running around then this is the elective for you.

Mini Golf Elective: (Saturday only unless wet) meeting at Office led by Harry Troughton and Rebecca Bullen.
Come sink that ball and show your skills!

Ten Pen Bowling Elective: (Sunday only) meeting by Pool led by Harry Troughton and Rebecca Bullen
Come dominate the lanes or just have fun and a laugh.