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Kia ora tatou Easter camp Leaders

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year and that all of your terms are off to a good start. We have so many exciting plans for camp.

Some key information for Easter Camp this year, please ensure you read all of this today as there may be something you need to urgently act on for safety at camp. 

Registration Closes
Registrations close on Wednesday4th March, please ensure all of your young people, leaders and yourself are registered by then as very promptly after that I have to send catering numbers to Forest Lakes which we can’t re-neg on.

Police Checks
As I’m hoping you all know youth leaders of all levels must be police checked at least every three years by their church, this is to ensure safety for our young people.  

Easter Camp is the same, all of our adults at camp must be police checked. 
We’re assuming your leaders  that are coming have been police checked and are fine to lead young people. If this isn’t the case please let me know this week and start the motions asap to have yourself and your fellow leaders coming to camp checked. Get them in now to PCANZ and you should get them back before Easter camp starts because wait lists can get long so don’t put off doing this paper work.

The process is really easy follow the steps here: 
All leaders 17 and over must be checked. 

All your leaders should also have been through the Warrant of Fitness training every three years. Let us know if you have leaders not up to date on this and make sure you book this in the near future to have all your leaders safely leading young people. If your leaders haven’t done the WOF training they can access it online via this link, we advise that you do it with them to help their learning because then you can tailor it to suit your specific situation. If your leader has been through it but it was three years ago then you need to go through the refresher questions again this is a great thing to do with your leaders rather then people doing it by themselves. If you would like any support in this please get in touch.  http://safetywof.org.nz

All young people coming to camp must be accompanied by a leader. For a group you need to ensure you have at least one leader to 6 young people coming to camp and if you have both males and females coming to camp you need to have both a male and female leader to match with how many young people coming to camp with you. This is for safety reasons and also because practically we need leaders to be in cabins with their young people. We need to have 2 youth leaders per cabin at night time where possible. Your cabin, if you don’t fill it, may be joined with another youth group which is a great way to make new friends. 

Everyone is in bunkrooms although there are some options for smaller youth groups to pay an extra $30 per person for smaller bedrooms with single beds or for any extra leaders not needed in cabins. We aim to have two leaders per bunkroom and all accommodation is first in first serve.Key leaders can let us know if you are interested. You can do this on our registration form

We are asking the key Leaders to have a list of all medication that their young people are needing to take while at camp. Key Leader should keep medications with them and distribute.

Leadership Booklet
You can find a copy of the leadership booklet in the link below. Please have all your leaders have a read of this before camp. It’s not a huge booklet but it does contain some vital things around the role of leaders at Easter camp. It can also be a great document to get your leaders who have not been to camp yet ready for what to expect as a leader.

Leadership Booklet

Electives are a big part of Easter camp and we need your help to be able to do them. If we don’t have enough adults to run them then it minimizes how many we can offer If you are able to lead an elective or have young adults or camp parents that could lead something that would be fantastic. Some examples are board games, drama group, music/songwriting, film making, sports, art and crafts, ten pin bowling and mini golf. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are able to lead something for us.

Travel to and from camp Please ensure all leaders driving your young people to and from camp have the appropriate licenses (ie, Full license if taking passengers) and that WOF’s and rego’s are all up to date. Remind your drivers to drive safely and appropriately, to the speed limit and the conditions – especially if the weather is bad. They do not need to rush if they are held up or running late, but if this does happen could they let someone know at camp so we know when to expect them. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at camp,