Here is everything you need to know about camp. including what you need to bring and other key information about starting times and when camp finishes.

Key info


Being a leader at camp is a great responsibility! And one that should not be taken lightly. We take our leadership model from that of Jesus, which means being a servant, putting others first as well as being an imitatable role model.Young people will be watching everything you do and over these 4 days at camp. If you are coming to camp as a leader you’ll need to read the leaders Code of Conduct before signing up to camp!


As we have been doing for the past few years, camp attendees will make their Easter Camp payments directly to your church. Then once regos close, your church will be invoiced by Presbytery Central for the number of young people coming from your church.

You’ll find everything you need to know about that on this page.


This year we want to encourage your church to send along some adults who can walk alongside your young people at camp and afterwards too. Consider asking some faithful adults from your church to come along as your youth groups own personal ‘camp parents’ or ‘camp grandparents’
Need a reason? Keep reading to see why we think this is important!


Payments and Costs

How do I pay for Camp?
You pay your church, and we invoice them for the cost of camp. Please see your Key Leader for information on how to pay them

How much is Camp?
Camp is $190 Per Person

If I pull out, do I still have to pay?
If you pull out after March Wednesday 4th 2024, you will still be charged for camp, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. If you let us know before/on March 4th 2024 then you won’t be charged for camp.

Venue and Getting there
Camp will be held at Forest Lakes!
The address is 3/156 Forest Lakes Road, Otaki 5583

How do I get there?
You will need to organise your own way to camp. Have a chat with your youth leader and see if you can car pool with someone.

Start and Finish Time
Registration desk will be open from 3 pm and we will leave camp by 11am on the Monday


What do I need to bring?
You can find a list of recommended gear here

What age do I need to be to attend camp?
We are excited this year to open up Easter camp to our intermediates You will need to be between year 7 and 13 at school in order to attend camp as a camper. If you are no longer at school, please chat with your Key Leader about joining us at camp as a leader.

Forest Lakes may not be able to provide special diets for everybody. People may have to supplement with their own food. Please also note that while Forest Lakes takes reasonable care, all food is made in the same kitchen and served alongside other dishes. Their food may contain traces of eggs, dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts, soy, and other ingredients. They are unable to give complete assurances about the presence or lack of any ingredient in any dish at Forest Lakes. If you have a gluten allergy, please bring your own bread and if you have a dairy allergy, please bring your own milk If you have any queries you can contact Forest Lakes: