Health and Safety

We want to make camp as safe as possible and there are a few things we need your help with, and some other things we need to make you aware of.

Key Info on this page

  • Leader ratios
  • police check info
  • Travel info
  • Leader Ratios

All young people coming to camp must be accompanied by a leader. The ratio is 1 leader to every 6 campers. Please make sure your group has the correct amount of leaders coming to cover the number of young people from your group.

If you have both males and females attending camp from your group, please make sure you have the correct number of male leaders to male campers and female leaders to female campers (eg. 1 female leader to every 6 female campers and the same again for males). This is both for safety reasons and because practically we need leaders to be in accommodation areas with their young people.

This is another great reason to ask some other adults from your church to come to camp! Not only will it help make camp more intergenerational, but it will help you make sure you meet the ratios for your group! Very practical!

It is also good for you to know that we aim to have a good number of youth leaders per accommodation block.

Police Checks

As I’m hoping you all know youth leaders of all levels must be police checked at least every three years by their church, this is to ensure safety for our young people.

Easter Camp is the same, all of our adults at camp must be police checked. If you and/or your leaders have not been police checked in the last 3 years, please make sure this is done prior to camp. This includes all adults coming with you e.g. Grandparents and parents.

Everyone 17 years and older needs to be Police Checked.

It does take a few weeks for it to be processed so please get this done sooner rather than later! 

The process is really easy, follow the steps here: Police Checks

Travel to and from camp

Please ensure all leaders driving your young people to and from camp have the appropriate licenses (ie, Full license if taking passengers) and that WOF’s and rego’s are all up to date. Remind your drivers to drive safely and according to the road code, the speed limit and the conditions – especially if the weather is bad. They do not need to rush if they are held up or running late, but if this does happen could they let someone know at camp so we know when to expect them. However please don’t use phone’s while driving – find somewhere safe to pull over to let us know 🙂