Sunrise Worship

Sunrise Worship? A sunrise worship service is a great way to get together in the Easter Weekend as a group to celebrate and acknowledge what Jesus did for us, while also being able to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of God's creation.

It can be a very memorable, powerful, experience with little organisation. Think through health and safety, invite people, check the weather, apply for fire permit. Children and Young people love being outside for worship and seeing other ages engage with God in a different way.

I was once leading a group of young people when an 11 year old boy shared how suprised he was that we weren’t reading from a piece of paper to pray. In his church he had only noticed the prayers for others in the service and so had seen people read out their writings. It was life changing for him to realise we could pray anytime, anywhere. We may think we show our young people all aspects of our faith but do we do it in different settings, different styles, by different people?

Some Idea's For Your Sunrise Worship

Its great if you can have a bonfire, brazier or indoor fire but this isn’t always viable.

Click on the image for an example of a rams form for a bonfire

You can have acapella worship or if someone can bring a guitar that’s great or play some worship music on a stereo.

Share in Communion together. You can think of different ways of doing communion for your setting